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Volume 2 is OUT! Check it out below. Start with the Prelude and then the Chapters and you’ll be fine. 

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Oct 31, 2019

Volume 3 - Chapter 2

Deanna MacDonald is CEO of BLOC where she works with the maritime industry using blockchain. Deanna is one of the true experts and rock stars out there!

Her song:

Oct 31, 2019

Volume 3 - Chapter 1

Sam Rusani is Chief Revenue Officer at Shipchain. Hear him explain blockchain and what they are doing in this emerging area. 

His chosen song - Everlong with Foo Fighters:

V03CH00 - Volume 3 - Blockchain - Prelude

Oct 31, 2019

Volume 3 is all about blockchain! The hype is over, but the tech remains. Our two rock stars Sam Rusani and Deanna MacDonald will explain what blockchain is all about - and what it's not. 

To accompany this volume, I have chosen Blockbuster by Sweet:

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